The band-aide won’t stick…It exposes the scar…. the scar left from ten years of pain runs down his face … he’s tortured every day having to watch this… I am incredibly broken the scar from the cut I gave myself won’t stop hurting my sanity bleeds with agony….as much as I love life I run towards death …. dread n my heart fear in my bones … pray but I never find relief in hurt…everyone prays in the end

Broken clocks

I would be lying if I said my heart wasn’t broken…but u fucked my mind something ridiculous…sometimes all we have are broken clocks but hand never stops ticking…u fucked my mind so good my ass couldn’t cum…my orgasm never came…and my heart couldn’t skip a beat…u gained this mysterious way of love ….loving down many but never actually loving anyone….it’s a way to protect yourself…but who’s protecting the innocent if there minds our being deceived by the angel sent by Satan …. nah your not the devil but the way u mind fuck tend to raise a few eyebrows here and there…although I love u I’ve learned love loves no one…but must I sit in this bed alone every night must I watch u consume these hearts all the time… it’s just something about these broken clocks…

2 in 1

img_5650The sun on my face…he leans over and says tell me you love me… I say is it me or is it them….would u choose me …I chose u 3x over the only time I needed u to choose me u let me die …. I would rather loose a lover than to love a looser…the spell is broken… so y do u still linger….the presence of his anger still harms me his watchful eye still sees me…the next chapter is sick… a beautiful prince found my heart picked it up and he told me he wanted me… then turned around and broke me.. uses my heart to control my body… got my missle hard as a rock and my heart pumping loudly…. the taste of his skin melted like chocolate… he treated me like royalty then turned and treated me like a peasant… he through Cinderella’s slipper away there was no need to find the owner ….

Love through a window 

It happens in spells that over taking desire to be loved…that needing for affection that lust for a sensual touch….what happens in the wake of midnight when that train stops but yet no one comes to greet u…what happened today…was it a dark reality or was it what my reality really is?

Devils love 

He laughs at my pain…it amuses his soul his purpose is tourture his existence consumes me ….his touch I need his thoughts devilish they strike fear in my soul…darkness around him but his laugh is light…they see a good man but I see fright… is it me I fear or the death he seeks… a tortured soul trembling beaneth his feet…the boy he cries… at night he sleeps like a baby in crib content with bliss….but the boy he’s up suffocating on thoughts of tales he’s told he lays infear trying not to be Hurd because it’s weakness he seeks…to become strong all he can do is pray though time heals all but it’s limited to some. I am forever drained with the ink of your dark soul the words through your tongue wrote on’s permanent like a unhealing scar.

Reasons why

Have u ever wanted to disappear deep drenching water beneath his feet he walks in with stones tied to his ankles would anyone hear his cry 17 years of guilt stands in a dark shadows the dark sheep turns heads as he walks through crowds whispers of judgement shown on the faceless crowd love has no happy ending for the one with the tainted heart he fears the dark room with the stand alone table his ghostly face withers away from grief of people he thought was close maybe the easy way out isn’t something to be afraid of did u no I can see the lighting through the clouds but can u see me in a crowded room over the loudspeaker who craves attention no u would notice my brown skin or my big eyes probably the way they pierce through the soul sometimes the clouds seem to crowd the sun showing nothing but grey areas that old saying love conquers all is wrong two people have to feel the same way for that saying to ever be true…he lays with the devil but befriended the which aren’t they both the same sudden death places ease to an exhausted soul but his heart still aches for love that can’t be attained because the witch still lingers over him and all who shows interest in the brown skin boy 


The long kiss goodbye from the soft lips of reality what is it about a kiss that makes u go wild with butterflies 🦋 love is an endless pool of wonderful desires of unknown possibilities the long kiss made him realize that xoxo wasn’t good bye but it was hello 

Rebel fleur

Usually I rebel against things that just doesn’t make sense this world today is just so crazy it will make the sensitive become strong and the strong to become killers. My rebellious soul captures the essence of reality while soaking in the rage of my past to become the beautiful butterfly I am today 


Wonderous dreams and nightmares can only control ones thoughts 💭 emotions run high in a time of need desired to be seen without being Hurd a canvas of reality to be seen but not remembered